Hey, Why is that Fat Guy Trying to Run?

After avoiding exercise, and cultivating unhealthy eating habits over the past few years, I managed to let myself get extremely out of shape. However, over the past few weeks, I have decided that I would not let myself go any further with these habits, and started making changes. First, I changed the foods I eat, and the amount I eat. Then, this past week, I started a running program so that I can get back into shape slowly, but surely.

After one week of training, I am happy to announce that I jogged my first continuous mile in about 5 years. They say that the first mile is the hardest one… we’ll see about that.

My eventual goal is not only to be fit once again, but to be able to run 26.2 continuous miles in the NYC Marathon. I’m striving to participate in the 2011 NYC Marathon, and I am chronicling my journey from fat man to marathon runner not only to help keep myself motivated, but to hopefully motivate others who may share in my predicament.

Since this blog is a continuation of notes written on my Facebook page, I will include the first posts that I have written there on this page.

So, join me on my journey, mile by mile, through good days and bad, as I transition from fat man to marathon runner!


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