Running: Week 3, Day 3

Hey all, welcome to week 3, day 3. Not much to post today, had a great run, but ultimately it was uneventful. I did challenge myself in the beginning by running at a bit of a faster pace than usual, which made the last leg of the run really difficult.

The one thing that leaves me feeling satisfied and accomplished after this run is that, when I was ready to drop and my legs were burning, I was able to keep myself motivated to keep moving. It’s good to know that when I start to hit the wall, I can psych myself into pushing through it, which will definitely be valuable in those last few miles of the marathon.

Well, that’s all for now. Week 3 is almost done, and then it’s on to the half-way point for my first goal. Will I keep going, and work towards running for 30 minutes straight? Stay tuned to find out!

As always, comments, suggestions, and questions are always welcome.

– therunningfatguy


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