Running: Week 4, Day 1


The rain can be soothing when your sweating bullets and trying to pump your legs as much as you can

Today, I reached the halfway point towards my initial goal of running for 30 minutes straight. I’m happy to say that I covered at least 2 miles with my running portions alone! That’s pretty good for a fat guy!

The workout for this morning called for 2 minutes walking, with 5 minutes of running for 4 sets. So, altogether, that’s 20 minutes of running, and 8 minutes of walking. I’m getting a lot closer to that magical 30 minute mark!

For those of you who have been following along, you’ll take notice of the picture at the top of the page, and note that I am at an actual track. For the last 3 weeks I had been running on concrete and asphalt. While any running is good, my worry was that eventually, with my size being a factor, running on concrete could affect my joints pretty badly (as if running at all at my weight isn’t doing enough!) So, today I decided to head down to the track at my old school, and run there. Man, was it great!

The surface that you run on truly does make a difference. I noticed my feet took me farther than usual more easily. They did not hurt as much as they usually do. The workout was still challenging, but it wasn’t overwhelming, which is great. I’m still pretty sore from yesterday’s mile, the running workouts the 2 days prior, and the stair workout on Friday. My body sure does need some rest, as my legs are feeling pretty sore.

Soon enough, I’ll be running 30 minutes straight (hopefully 2, maybe 3 miles at a time), and then I’ll start training for a 5k race. That’s all for now folks. As always, questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome.



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