Late update…AGAIN! (I know…)

Last time I promised to keep you guys more up to date on my running, but I have failed…yet again! But, I have some exciting news – I signed up for the ING NYC Marathon 2011! If all goes well, I’ll be running with Team for Kids – a group of adult runners who raise funds on behalf of the New York Road Runners youth services. As such, I have pledged to raise a certain amount of money to help the cause, and to secure my spot in the marathon.

I’m also trying to raise money for my first 5k run, the Arthritis Foundation’s Jinglebell Walk/Run on Sunday, December 5, 2010. With your support and encouragement, I was able to overcome the obstacle of actually running the complete 5k distance. Now I am going to ask for your support again in helping me reach my fund-raising goal. It doesn’t need to be much, but whatever you can manage would be greatly appreciated and will help support the fight against arthritis. Donating is easy, just click here, and if you would like to run with me – click here.

As for the my running program, I completed a 5 mile run this past Sunday, which was my longest run to date. It was slow going as usual, but I did it without stopping (hold for traffic lights.)

What I love about these types of runs are the mental challenges that you face. For instance, I went out with a set goal in mind to complete the 5 miles running, no matter what. The first mile or so was exhausting. Not even the loud music blaring in my ears could drown out the voice in my head telling me to stop and turn back. I had to make a point of reassuring myself that “I’m not hurt or injured. I’m not debilitated in any way; just a little tired – it’ll pass. Keep going!” This inner struggle went on until about the 1.5 mile point when everything suddenly got easier, and finishing became a certainty. At that point I was glad that I didn’t quit beforehand, otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten to that point where I felt GREAT running. Moral of the story: If you’re running and the going gets tough, don’t quit until you accomplish your goal or if you feel that you will TRULY injure yourself by continuing.

I did a little speed training for the first time yesterday, and it was intense. Hopefully incorporating some speed training will pay off, and I’ll have a faster time at the 5k in December. I’m doing some hill training today. I’ve made the Bayonne Bridge run a weekly ritual because it provides both distance and hill training in a nice, scenic package.

Well, that’s all for now folks. I’ll keep you all posted on my marathon progress, and I’ll post links to my marathon fund-raising page in the future. As always, questions, comments and suggestions are welcome


P.S. For those of you who want to run, or think they may want to run the NYC Marathon, start signing up now! Spots will fill up fast!


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