Another Day, Another Mile

Today was supposed to be an off/rest day for me, but they say that you should really avoid doing absolutely nothing during these days (which, of course, was my plan). They call it “active recovery”. That means that, although it’s a rest day, you should do some easy exercise to keep your muscles loose.

Well, I decided to do some easy (and I use the term loosely here) jogging today. I figured, hey, it’s been two weeks since I ran my first continuous mile, and started blogging about my journey, so why not try to do the mile again and see how far I’ve come. The answer that I got was, not that far; but I’m getting there.

It still is pretty difficult for me to jog for a long, continuous time with my robust frame, but it has been getting easier little by little. The mile was pretty difficult in the middle section of the run. I think what makes it difficult is the hardness and unevenness of the surface (concrete), and the incline of the street, which is pretty significant. Still, I have been able to push myself (without hurting myself) through these rough parts, and finish the workout. I finished the mile in about 16 minutes, which is ridiculously slow, but I know that a) I was able to get through it, and actually felt strong at the end, and b) I know I can run continuously for at least 16 minutes, which is halfway to my initial goal of being able to run 30 minutes straight.

I still have to get myself proper running shoes. It’s been difficult to make the time to get out to a store that specializes in running shoes to get fitted and what-not, as I have very little time between school, work, running, and now, volunteering. I will get them eventually, as I’m starting to truly realize that really comfortable shoes will be a necessity for the longer runs to come. Also, I’m considering whether to continue running on the concrete surfaces in my neighborhood, or to find a park where I can run on either a track or softer surface. I haven’t been plagued with much knee pain, or shin splints as of yet, but these may affect me later on once I begin running for longer periods of time.

While I’m at it, I want to bring to your attention t0 the SocialVibeĀ  widget that I have on my page. By clicking on it, and donating a little time to perform some easy activities, you can help support the American Diabetes Association (ADA). So please, next time you visit the page, take a little time, click on the link on the right hand side, and help a wonderful organization fund research to help cure and treat diabetes.

Also, I have recently gotten involved in some awesome volunteer projects through New York Cares, which I will share with you in a section called “therunningfatguy Gives Back”. Hopefully, through me, you can get an idea of the cool volunteer opportunities that you can get involved with, and volunteer too!

As always, questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome.


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