Day 2 of Marathon Training

It was hell. That’s all that could be said about today’s run. It was really hot, I was more sore than I originally thought, and I probably could’ve used an extra day of rest before hitting the track again. Nevertheless, I did my 4 miles.

Whenever I go out running, I try to keep to one strict rule: once I start running, I don’t stop unless there is an obstacle that I cannot go around. I keep going until either the mileage for the day has been covered or if I feel like I will drop if I continue. I stopped twice today.

For those of you in the NYC area, you know today was a scorcher (something like 87 degrees). Most of the other runners on the track were taking breaks too, so I didn’t feel as bad, but still… I don’t like stopping!

I hit the wall at the end of mile two, and started calling it a day from there. I walked to my car, stopped, and looked back at the track. I thought to myself, “better to get the 4 miles in, even with stopping, than to go home having only gone halfway.” With that, I marched back to the track, gave myself one walking lap, and continued on.

It was so hot that, in order to keep from passing out, I kept my pace to a slow shuffle. I maintained that for the next 3/4 mile until I had to stop again. I gave myself another 1/4 walk and finished up with what was the most grueling 1 1/4 miles I have ever run. I did have this odd burst of energy in the last lap, where I was able to get back to a decent clip and finish relatively strong, but after that I was wiped out. When I got home, I weighed myself and found that I lost 5 lbs of water weight! Too bad that’ll be back soon.

Today was hard, but I was able to maintain my motivation. Never quit!


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